Budweiser’s ‘Tomorrow is Yours to Take’ campaign launched this past week with the hopes of supporting and encouraging emerging creatives and artists. They have rallied with Anderson Paak who has released a new song, not just for this campaign, but to inspire the next generation.

Budweiser (@Budweiser) / Twitter

To reach a new audience and younger generations in the music and art scene, Budweiser worked with .Paak to celebrate the interconnectedness of creatives around the world, showcase their best work globally and define what it means to have a dream and to chase down success.

.Paak’s new single, named “Yours to Take,” is featured throughout the Budweiser’s video spotlighting creatives working across various industries. This included former French soccer player Sean Garnier turned freestyler, Brazilian-breds Xamã (rapper) and Gabriel Massan (graphic artist), Swedish fashion designer Julia Dang, Colombian graffiti and street artist Wanda Pot, Argentinian singer Lara91K and British drummer Louise Bartle.

Anderson .Paak regards his song more like an anthem, he sees it more “like a rallying cry to those who are done listening to all the reasons why their dreams are impossible.”

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Anderson .Paak

“My hope is that Budweiser and I can reach artists, designers, athletes and creatives – everyone! – all over the world who are ready to take the first step on their own path to greatness.”

.Paak believes the project also reflects his own challenges climbing up in the industry as he goes onto share: “Trust me, I heard all those naysayers too, but I kept myself motivated and did my best to ignore the haters very step of the way.”

You can take a listen to “Yours to Take” in Budweiser’s latest campaign above.