After not releasing an album for the past four years. The 13th Studio album by the 21 Grammy JAY-Z has been long overdue with bringing out a new musical project. But on the 30th of June, the wait was over, 4:44 a mysterious album with very little marketing prior to the two weeks, This release is another exclusive to his music Streaming service TIDAL, there was a trailer with some academy award winning actors which picked up a lot of traction due to the high profile of the actors and the hype around the album. This album many suspected was a direct response to Beyoncé last studio album Lemon where she speaks about infidelity presumably by her husband and JAY-Z confirms these rumors and publically apologies on the title track ‘4:44’. As well as that Jay speaks about financial freedom and brand ownership. The album is being hailed as one of his most open and honest yet, speaking on all things from his relationship, his drug dealing past, his relationship with his late father and his homosexual mother. This album is definitely up there with one of his best bodies of work yet and we look forward to seeing what Mr. Sean Carter has next up his sleeve.