As Halloween draws near, here are a number of top rated scary movies from 2022 so far – for those whose watching preferences swing toward the dismal and lethal.

5. Nope

In this science fiction-inspired story, Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya, siblings, are troubled by an alien abduction—or something far worse—on a remote California farm. With Nope, Get Out and Us writer-director Jordan Peele makes it three hits out of three with an engaging and frequently unsettling blend of laughs, surprises, and mystery.

Where to stream: Prime Video (then rent at £15.99)

4. Speak No Evil

The moral of this fantastic, if brutal, Danish work is “Beware who you make friends with on vacation.” The majority of Speak No Evil is filled with a horrible sense of creeping, growing dread, before the final act contains scenes of biblical cruelty that some viewers would find intolerable.

Where to Stream: Shudder

3. Prey

Being one of the most anticipated films of the year, Prey (set in 1719) places its nasty alien adversary on Earth and pits it against Naru, a fearsome Comanche warrior played by Amber Midthunder. There is a lot of heart-pounding action, high-stakes tension, and delicious bloodletting.

Where to Stream: Disney +

2. X

Runner up movie X takes place in Texas as some young individuals rent a barn from an elderly couple to shoot a pornographic movie. Maxine, a would-be pornstar, and Pearl, an elderly woman, are played by Mia Goth. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre references are sure to please everyone who enjoys brutal thrills as well as horror lovers. Another stormer with a 70s vibe.

Where to Stream: Prime Video

  1. The Innocents

Taking the top spot is this Norwegian film. In the plot, psychic kids get into trouble on an Oslo housing complex. This has a chilly, unsettling vibe designed to make you shiver. Eskil Vogt, regular co-writer for Joachim Trier, director of The Worst Person In The World, directed this.

Where to Stream: Prime Video, where you can rent content for £1.99.