Thanks to Snapchat, face filters have rapidly grown popular due to their weekly-changing options of fun alterations you can use. And although the popularity in their filters (ex. the famous cute dog one) remains, there are some Instagrammers who’ve taken it to the next level.

Johanna Jaskowska (@johwska) is one who’s collaborated with Instagram to create futuristic and glossy visual AR art for the face, giving true sci-fi vibes. Most of hers make people look almost half human-half robot, playing into the relationship between humans and technology. These are more than a simple dog filter, or ones that attempt to perfect your skin, make you appear slimmer or add extra eyelashes (I know we’ve all tried it before!). Instead, it’s pure art; it demolishes beauty standards, and instead, allows you to step into a completely different character and be experimental with your image and perception.