To celebrate their 365 million users, Spotify have launched a new “Only You” feature. Available exclusively for iOS users, the feature includes a selection of in-app experiences that focus on your personal listening habits.

Your Audio Birth Chart looks at your Sun sign to feature your most listened to artist over the past six months, and the Moon sign features artist that highlight your “emotional or vulnerable” sign, and the Rising sign includes artists that you’ve recently engaged with.

It doesn’t stop there either as you can select three artist you’d like to have dinner with and Spotify will create a personalised mix for each artist (in the Your Dream Dinner Party feature). There is also Your Song Year, Your Time of Day and Your Genre/Topics which is generated based on your different musical periods, the music and podcasts you listen to during the day and a combination of all audio genres respectively.

There is also a new Blend edition to the music platform which allows two friends to invite each other via the app, and Spotify will create playlist to please both users. Blend will then continuously update as the listening habits of the users change over time. Clever stuff hey!

[Image Source: Spotify]