The complete list of Oscar nominees, which involved a few shock appearances along the way, has been announced this week (Jan 24). So, who were they and who didn’t make the lists?

Surprises and Snubs

A few films that dominated this year’s ceremony included Avatar: The Way of Water, Elvis, Everything Everywhere All at Once, and The Banshees of Inisherin. In terms of the directors behind the camera, there were no women nominated in this category, pointing to the apparent nature of the highly male dominated filming industry. For the Best Actresses on the other hand, Andrea Riseborough’s nomination in Michael Morris’ ‘To Leslie’ was arguably this year’s biggest surprise.

The Batman is known its gritty storyline and, of course, for its great cinematography, it didn’t recieve an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography. Despite the movie receiving nominations in three other categories—sound, makeup, hairstyle, and visual effects—Batman fans flooded the internet with comments and shock.

Instead, Top Gun Maverick, Elvis, Bardo, All Quiet On The Western Front, and T.R. received nominations for Best Cinematography. It would be intriguing to hear whether The Batman was a strong contender for the nomination and narrowly missed out, but it’s unlikely that we will find out why it wasn’t chosen.

Given the Batman controversy, in case you were wondering how these films shortlisted, here’s how:

How are the Oscar Nominees chosen?

The organisation is split up into 17 distinct branches, with separate branches for editors, directors, and many other professions. Members of these particular branches cast ballots to choose the nominees for each category. For example, only actors may choose nominations in the acting categories, and only directors may choose nominees in the Best Director category.

Each Academy member receives a new ballot after all nomination ballots have been counted. Everyone has the opportunity to vote on each category’s nominees once they have been selected by the category’s experts. As a result, while nominations are influenced by specialists in each area, the Academy’s members alone select the winners.

For the Oscar full nominations, see here.