The Super Bowl is a spectacle with each iteration far transcending just the confines of the playing field. There is, of course, the Halftime Show which has become a monumental achievement for those who’re selected — Rihanna leading the pack this year. But fans and spectators should not overlook the micro details, such as the match program and the key artwork. Peruse the whole history of sports flyers, certainly the Super Bowl as well, and you’ll find a treasure trove of artwork and graphic design to be inspired by.

The NFL said that Lucinda Hinojos will produce the primary artwork for Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, next month to further cement her legacy. Hinojos, popularly known as “La Morena,” will produce the event’s ticket artwork and the largest mural in the tournament’s history at State Farm Stadium. She is the first Chicanx and Indigenous artist to be selected for the occasion. Hinojos will collaborate on the latter piece with fellow Indigenous artists Randy Barton of the Diné/Navajo, Anitra “Yukue” Molina of the Yaqui, and Carrie “CC” Curley of the San Carlos Apache, as well as the Indige Design Collab of Cahokia Socialtech and Artspace.

Senior vice president of global brand and consumer marketing for the NFL, Marissa Solis, provided additional insight on the momentous announcement:

“Lucinda’s insight and direct, personal connection to the amazing and diverse history in Arizona made her the perfect partner for this project. She is a gifted artist, a football mom and a woman who authentically represents her Chicana heritage, and we are so thrilled to use Super Bowl as a platform to showcase her beautiful artwork and by extension, spotlight the local communities integral to Arizona.”

In honour of the 22 local indigenous tribes, the artwork depicts the White Tank Mountains reflected off the Vince Lombardi Trophy with a Fancy Shawl and an Azteca dancer on either side. Hinojos said, “I conduct this job in the hopes of giving them healing and medication, but what also happens is that there is a human connection that happens. It brings people together and easily draws them in. I’ve witnessed that with every mural and every painting. I therefore hope that this picture will convey the same enthusiasm.

In addition, she will work with Wilson and the NFL to develop a brand-new football design that will soon be sold. Tomorrow is the start of NFL Wild Card Weekend, and the Super Bowl LVII is set for February 12.