Apple has been in the press a lot lately with the new release of their iPhone and iOS updates, and to add to this we’ve been given more emojis to articulate us. Back in September, around 200 new skin tones for couples-based emojis were revealed however, only 7 of these were released due to Coronavirus disrupting production. Lucky for us, the new iOS 14.2 update will give us 117 new emojis!

These new emojis are as inclusive as ever; from men and women in suits and wedding veils to the transgender flag. More foods have been added too like bubble tea and fondue. Shame we’re not allowed out of our houses to eat out but the thought’s there!

A bunch of new animals and objects have been updated, from a cheese filled mouse trap, a black cat to a boomerang or toothbrush.

You can check out the full list of updated emojis here.