– Remixed by Studio Blup

Remixed by Studio Blup

After an absence of over a decade, the flip-phone is due to make a comeback in 2020.

In November, Motorola officially announced that they were reintroducing a revamped version of the iconic Motorola RAZR. The unforeseen launch caused an overwhelming sense of excitement to the nostalgic among us.

The original design was arguably the most iconic flip-phone of its time and established the flip-phone as an undeniably memorable device within technology. Just as the original, the new RAZR generation offers an external display on the front of the phone for notifications and interactions at-a-glance.

To fast forward the design into the new decade, the contemporary redesign has an internal flexible display in which the phone unfolds to expose the dual-screen feature.

The initial buzz following the announcement led to Motorola having to delay the release date due to the unprecedented number of demands, which they hadn’t been anticipating.

For this reason, the official release is due February 6th, with the flip-phone at a cost of $1499.99. It is, however, currently available for pre-order in the UK with deliveries expected at the end of February.