Photographer Rebecca Storm takes the ordinary situation and captures it in such an interesting way you don’t think its possible. A white lamp in a room to a chair with spilt paint on, Storm re-envisions the way you see things, from her own angle.

Storm has with synaesthesia. Suffers isn’t what she does, however- it is due to the heightened senses that she creates such unique photography. Other artists like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams also have the condition which allows them to “see sounds”.  The photographer’s pictures have added dimensions due to the synaesthesia as she takes mundane objects and creates them into art.

In a recent interview, she stated: ‘I’m more intrigued by someone’s off aesthetic created on an iPhone than someone who has spent several thousand dollars on a digital camera and is documenting their trip to the Grand Canyon.” Nowadays it is more clear that new, innovative techniques can help you produce something special, as Storm teaches us.