It’s a Sunday, you’re hungover and the last thing you want to do is interact with the delivery guy. Don’t worry your sore head as dominos have all your problems solved with this driverless delivery.

The pizza company have teamed up with Ford to trial out autonomous cars which will see you track the progress of your large half-and-half pizza order, and when your hangover cure approaches you’ll be texted a unique code that will unlock the “heatwave” compartment of the car that keeps your pizza warm. Not even kidding.

Sadly, your Two-For-Tuesday’s deal wont be driving around your town anytime soon as this is only being trailed out on Dominos hometown of Michigan, USA. However, if this is successful (how can it not be) it might be widened out across the USA and then the UK. Classic, the US of A getting everything better before us.

P.s how much is that cover photo making you drooool and wanting to make an order? Do it.