The London Fashion Week Men’s SS20 kicked off on June 8th, bringing fresh trends to the catwalk and fresh inspo for your summer wardrobe. Designers ranged from 2018 Brtitish Fashion Awards winner, Samuel Ross and his streetwear brand, A-COLD-WALL*, to Paria Farzaneh and her casual (sweatpants, trousers, jackets) yet detailed print/material contrasting collection.

There were many trends that graced the catwalk (and the streets!) but here are a few of our favourites from this year.

Nineties Cargo: Cargo pants were a massive trend in 2018, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Comfort + style; what more could you want in a pant?

Laid-back Tailored Shirts: Tailoring was a major theme throughout the week, bringing back an emphasis on the workplace. However, laid back and loose shirts were especially popular, almost juxtaposing with the uniform of traditional offices.

Gender Fluidity: As we’re in 2019 gender fluid clothes should be no surprise as a trend, especially in a progressive city like London, and this year proved to be breaking those gender norms in fashion. In specific, Charles Jeffrey stayed close to the concept of gender fluid fashion, by featuring long skirts, dresses, and avant garde makeup in his ‘LOVERBOY’ collection.

Silk/Satin: Not only is silky satin extremely comfortable, but it’s also shown to be sleek, and glossy.Two designers who emphasised on the presentation of high-shine fabrics were Kiko Kostinanov and Charles Jeffrey.

Transparency: Sheer tops, coats, tracksuits all graced the catwalk this season, leaving little to the imagination. Standouts of the transparency trend were John Lawerence Sullivan and Quasimi.