Levi’s eco concept store Levi’s Haus in London is the first of its kind within the brand’s portfolio. Doubling up as a new in-store experience and physical brand hub, the Haus spotlights Levi’s sustainable values whilst educating both Levi’s lovers and conscious consumers alike on how to extend the life of their denim.

Based just around the corner from Studio BLUP HQ, theblup.com took a closer look around the store.

“We try to encourage you to repair your denim if it has a hole for example. You would bring your old denim..and if it’s too far gone, you can recycle it” says Jacob, one of the store employees. 

Customers wanting to recycle their own jeans use the Levi’s app to scan the barcode in store. The hatch is then opened for the clothes to go inside The screen then creatively displays what happens to your jeans in the recycling process with captivating animations.

Levi’s by Levis

The store takes faulty or old seasoned products and revamps the denim. The revamped denim is sold as genderless, even though the jeans are originally cut for specific genders. 

Jacob says  “stores have certain rules where when it becomes the new season, you can’t sell the old season stuff. We don’t follow the same rules, so we will take that product and sell it for 30% cheaper – from £60.  

However, on the more high-end side, you can get a bespoke pair of jeans made or jacket made, a premium popular service. They start at £550 (jeans) and jackets are £950. 

Some of the recycled jeans also go into charity projects. Levi’s works with a mental health charity (Working Well Trust) and those involved were taught sewing skills in order to hand-make products such as bucket hats and bum bags from the old denim. Scrap pieces can be used to customise jean jackets too. The charity receives profits from sold items, with a generous donation given on top.  

There is great history from the 1950s onwards and Levi’s embraces this history through jeans in the vintage section. This involves re-making the jeans into a higher quality and more modern-day style. Every season, archives are explored and pick out ‘original’ parts to redo, like reproductions of the vintage versions. Throughout the year, profits again go to various charities. 

Overall, this Levi’s store is unique within the brand’s retail portfolio and will “serve as the new home for your every need when it comes to extending the life of your denim” says Richard Hurren, Levi’s Vice President for Europe. 

You can visit Levi’s® London Haus on Great Marlborough Street in London today.