Between various creative disciplines and industries, cross-collaboration is becoming more common. We now see the worlds of martial arts and rap music combining as rapper Philippe Prosper, known as ‘Rap Is A Martial Art‘ has teased his newest work, “Knostalgia,” involving a hip-hop and martial arts metaverse festival coming soon.

He stated that combining the worlds of hip-hop and martial arts into one event had been a longtime ambition of his. This will be “an action-packed narrative with the lyrical imagery of a Hong Kong style action film and the outlandish storytelling of a Slim Shady freestyle.”

Rap Is A Martial Art’s upcoming audio-visual rap album, which portrays a fantasy Kung Fu story, will be the focus of the Knostalgia event, which will feature a range of performances, panel discussions, meet & greets, and special appearances.

RZA, the founder and leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, Cory Gunz, the battle choreographers from Everything Everywhere All At Once, Martial Club, Mickey Factz, and Pendulum Ink will all be performing at the event.

Passage (an ecosystem and platform for creating and linking virtual and real world experiences) will host Knostalgia. It is based on the blockchain of the Cosmos Network and provides a number of tools and functions for issuing NFTs, live broadcasting, and 3D conversations in an open and adaptable metaverse.

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