“Can I get Uhhhhhhhh”

McDonald’s 30-second Super Bowl LVI advertisement references the classic “Can I get Uhhh” viral video from 2009 while also playing on the moment you get asked what you want to order.

There are many featured customers throughout this advert, including NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace, FIFA Streamer Edwin Castro, and Ryan Reynolds who voices Mcdon’ads Character “Grimace.” The most noteworthy appearance is by Kayne West in one of his signature Russian Sherp ATV vehicles.

Kanye’s voice appears in auto-tune in the advert, while McDonald’s posted a short clip on their Instagram showing a deleted scene of Kayne jokingly repeating “Can I get Uhhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhh.”

Ye has been a fan of the chain for a long time, previously tweeting about how McDonald’s is his favourite restaurant in 2018. As well as writing a poem in 2016 about McDonald’s for Frank Ocean’s, Boys Don’t Cry zine.