Already sold out on the scent’s dedicated website, the new Axe No.5 is a fusion of Chanel – a treasured luxury fragrance and Axe (or Lynx as we know it in the UK) – a locker room deodorant.

Described as smelling “like teen spirit” and positioned as culturally iconic, Axe Number 5 is certainly gaining the attention that was set out by company MSCHF who released it.


So what’s the point of this cheeky collab?

As MSCHF points out, certain smells are ubiquitous with American culture, and for better or worse, Axe Body Spray is one of them.

“Iconic” is in no way synonymous with “good,” and in the fragrance world Axe deserves the label as much as Chanel. At the end of the day, where icons are concerned, there is no good or bad; There is merely visible and invisible.