Cool, smooth, seductive and undoubtedly the UK’s hottest talent…She goes by the name IAMDDB. The latest talent to emerge from Manchester is a taste of what modern Britain is all about. With her smooth vocals smothered all over a Neo soul beat, this young talent had everyone at the Music Matters event at Selfridges eating from the palm of her hand. The crowd were in awe from start to finish and momentarily bought back out of their trance with D’s quick witted sense of humor between track breaks. She has it all.

IAMDDB performed her new track “Dripcity” along with her other jams “Leaned out” and “Tear drops”. This was by far one of the stand out performances of the year and D is expected to reach new heights

Music Matters hosted by XL records NEWGEN, also featured live performances from south Brixton Drillaz 67, Not3s and Renz.