A new immersive installation has debuted at the Zurich Design biennale 2021 that invites people to wander through a boundless experience. Collaborators authos.ch and designer Stella Speziali combined mist and augmented reality to form this intangible, ephemeral pavilion that redefines the space.

Located in the old botanical garden in the center of Zurich, the installation dubbed ‘Nebulosus’ promotes a mist haze that floats gently 50 square meters above a sea of lush vegetation. The formation is entirely dependent on the meteorological condition of the present moment, offering a unique experience to each visitor. During the day, soft clouds of vapour are in constant motion, creating a sense of boundlessness.

Visitors sense the vanishing of  tree boundaries : the space created by the misty cloud is in constant alteration; the digital reality is experienced without any interface; the fusion between the physical and the virtual worlds.

In contrast as the day turns into night the space is transformed into a digital phenomenon. Projection mapping enhances the untouchable essence, while a matrix of dazzling lines and angles react to visitors’ movements. As this new digital world becomes real, visitors of the garden can interact and be part of this new dimension.