The pubs are open with indoor dining!

No more sitting outside in the cold and rainy May breeze for us. In honour of this long-awaited moment, Guinness, the Irish beer unveiled a campaign to celebrate the pour we’ve all been waiting for.

A lone pair of socks on a clothesline. An empty telephone booth. An overflowing garbage bin. Two elderly women chatting from a safe six-foot distance. All of these scenes offer a strikingly cinematic look at a United Kingdom brought to a halt.

And yet, there is something subconsciously familiar about all of these scenes. Each shot resembles a Guinness.

“As fans of the brand ourselves, we started to miss the iconic black pint so much that we began seeing them everywhere, in the most mundane objects,” say Jack Watts and James Cambridge, creatives at AMV BBDO, the agency that brought the campaign to life. “Because the pint is so visually familiar, you can’t avoid seeing it when you have it on your mind.”

The brand invites consumers to post images of their own pints online and use the hashtag #LooksLikeGuiness.