To promote her new fragrance 212 Heroes, the team at Caroline Herrera created an online skating game where the player skates through an abandoned New York. The player has to collect points, and once they’ve hit 212 – they win a small prize.

Explore and play the game here.

While the campaign has had mixed reactions, including the bottle design (see below), the game is another example of how fashion brands are exploring other paths to reach new audiences.

‘It’s one place in life we know we can feel free: speeding on a skateboard, weightless in the wind, breeze in our hair. It’s a scent like none other, with a bottle to match: we wanted a fragrance that would make you feel free. 212 Heroes is a spritz in a skateboard, ready for wherever you want to go. Discover 212 Heroes, the new masculine fragrance by Carolina Herrera.’ Watch the video below: