Working with four artists from around the globe to produce exclusive indigo artworks, a riso-printed zine and limited edition pieces.

London’s leading lifestyle store Goodhood has teamed up with Childhood Calm & Punk, the offshoot brand from the Tokyo-based gallery Calm & Punk, to produce a collaborative capsule dubbed “Aizome.”

Aizome refers to the practice of traditional indigo dyeing, often performed using ancient techniques hailing from Japan, and this is precisely what informs the entire capsule. Calling upon a select group of international artists, Goodhood and C.C.P. have created a collection that’s inspired by the seas of Chiba, Japan, decorating each piece in an indigo-dyed method developed by Ayaki Indigo Luv Studio.

As Goodhood states, “The technique was used during the Muromachi period (A.D. 1500) and is the most ecological way of indigo dyeing, since all ingredients are biodegradable: Sukumo, indigo dyeing leaves, and Lye, derived from wood ash. In the final step, the color fastening, the dyed fabric is solely oxidised in water and air and fastened through the energy of the sun. Through this ancient process, the aizome method transforms and enhances the properties of the dyed garments, naturally increasing the durability of the fabric, adding antibacterial and odorless attributes.”

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