240 PAGES of crazy energy, bikes, Copenhagen, dresses, recycled coffee grinds, mad positivity, dancing on tables, t-shirts, smiles, #GANNIgirls and joy!

Based out of Copenhagen, the masterminds of fashion brand, Ganni, husband-and-wife design duo Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup, have grown Ganni into a global brand. In a little over a decade, Ganni has become a universally loved sensation amongst all audiences, from the old and young, stylish, and trendy. Thanks to Ditti and Nicolaj Reffstrup’s Scandinavian sensibility and ‘open to everyone’ attitude’, their brand Ganni has taken the fashion industry by storm.

Thus, Ganni aims to commemorate individuality and creativity in a manner that is unapologetically self-expressive and inclusive. The Reffstrup duo are opening the Ganni world through its debut monograph, GANNI: Gimme More. This book celebrates the diverse network of creatives that envelop Ganni. The book also acknowledges the ongoing efforts the Ganni is doing to develop the most responsible form of itself. Stylists, designers, artists, and photographers have contributed to help educate Ganni’s story in the brand’s tell-all book. It also features a multitude of collections, iconic collaborations, and archive designs.

The best parts consist of a photo essay, photographed by collaborator Ana Kraš, which decipcts Ganni in Copenhagen. This is also followed by a discussion with Ditte Reffstup , Ganni’s creative director; a reflection on sustainability and the future of fashion by founder Nicolaj Reffstrup – a collage of GANNI’s most notorious house parties; an essay celebrating what it means to be a Ganni Girl by Susie Lau; an editorial by Richie Shazam, which is about Ganni’s New York family and friends; and a photography feature captured by Jackie Landvik from Ganni Girl society which have shown its loyalty to Ganni over the past decade.

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