Sony has partnered with Backbone to create a PlayStation-ified version of the ‘Backbone One’ – an officially licensed iPhone controller so you can play all of your favourite PlayStation titles on your phone. The $99.99 controller can be opened to accommodate iPhones of all sizes, including the 13 Mini and the 13 Pro Max.

PlayStation games can now be played on the go with PS Remote Play thanks to Backbone’s fully licenced mobile controller for iPhone users. The PS5 DualSense controllers’ transparent face buttons, distinctive floating appearance, 3.5 mm headphone holes, and lightning connectors hidden beneath the left and right grips served as design inspiration for this product.

Backbone One works well with Apple App Store games in addition to PS4 and PS5 games, and it enables recording and Twitch broadcasting. It is easy to set up, and since the connected iPhone powers it totally, charging is not necessary.

The release of this controller is an unusual step for Sony, which has allowed a third-party firm to build some very official-looking gear on its behalf, as well as Backbone, a small company still iterating on its successful first product.

On Backbone’s website, Backbone One is now offered for $100 USD. Currently, the iPhone 13 series and iPhone 6s are all compatible with the device.