An A-frame, sustainable greenhouse in the heart of the Swedish mountains has been built by a firm, named Naturvillan. What makes it extra special, aside from its shape is that it is built to be climate-smart and adapt to any weather. 

Naturvillan’s most recent villa, Atri, is situated on the beaches of Lake Vänern and was created to be a self-sufficient and environmentally friendly home. The A-shaped villa is directly on the mountain and you can see through the entire house in one view. As you look up, the house blends in with the trees, becoming a natural part of the landscape.

In fact, this home enables you to live totally off the grid. A wood-fired kitchen pan can provide heat, hot water, and power for the oven in the winter. Solar cells can be used to generate electricity. The fact that it is designed to be climate-smart and adapt to any weather, in addition to its shape, gives it an extra distinctive quality.

The house’s architecture allows for interaction between the many elements, such as the private rooms, greenhouses, the surrounding natural environment, and even the view. You have air and light streaming in from various directions.

The Atri is ideal if you want to experience off-grid living while still having a breathtaking view from your window.

All Photos courtesy of Naturvillan