The British footwear brand has remained a staple across the Caribbean island of Jamaica ever since becoming synonymous with Dancehall events and Jamaican Rude Boy culture in the 1960s.

To celebrate their longstanding association with Jamaica, Clarks Originals have brought out 3 of their iconic boot styles, re-worked with Jamaican flag colourways. Comprising the Desert Boot, Desert Trek and Wallabee, each shoe is dressed in shades of yellow, green and black and packed with exclusive new materials, patterns and colourways, that pay tribute to the individuality Jamaica is so famous for.

Each and every profile in Clarks’ limited-edition Jamaica collection comes in a unique box that features a bespoke print.

In addition, and as a part of the brand’s on-going community partnership, Clarks Originals has provided the pupils of Maverley School, Kingston, Jamaica, with a new pair of shoes.

The full “Jamaica Pack” is available at Clarks UK, Clarks USA and Clarks EU now, while the full Jamaica campaign is set to begin on 19 April.

IMAGES ©Clarks