Say hello to the Trailgrip Lite sneaker – the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. The Trailgrip series stands out from the crowd, catering to a niche in the luxury market which provides functional footwear that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Coming in a smaller size than its predecessor, the sneakers are great examples of how luxury footwear and functional apparel can come together – every detail has been carefully crafted to ensure both functionality and fashion. It’s a shoe that’s meant to be worn in any terrain and weather condition, without having to compromise on looks or comfort.

With three bold and striking colorways to choose from – all-white, navy/grey, and pink gradient – the Trailgrip Lite sneaker is not your average shoe. Its semi-translucent mesh ribcages not only add a unique touch, but also provide exceptional breathability for those intense outdoor adventures. The sneaker is designed with rubber and textile accents that act as barriers against any pesky obstacles. But there’s more – the exterior-facing toe boxes boast massive rope laces, VIBRAM Megagrip compound soles, and harsh spiky bottoms, making it clear that this shoe means business. And of course, the Moncler logo is engraved on the toe box, adding that final touch of style and sophistication.

A variety of new colours for the standard Trailgrip model are currently available, including “Neon Pink” and “Purple.” These variants, which have been revamped with breathable uppers and GORE-TEX detailing for a smooth experience, have a bulkier blueprint.

See the new colorways of the original Trailgrip above, as well as Moncler’s Trailgrip Lite – both styles are currently on sale in Moncler stores and online.