We were delighted to receive an invitation from OFFF asking us to be one of their guest speakers at their 2015 design conference. The OFFF Fest conference is a 3 day event featuring 40 speakers from around the world, including AKQA (one of the worlds leading design agencies), Stefan Sagmeister (Rolling Stones, HBO, Lou Reed) and Territory (Guardians of the Galaxy CGI). The conference specialises in motion design, digital agencies and illustration and takes place is in the heart of Barcelona at the The Design Museum, which looked fantastic reflecting the sun and clear blue sky on the panels around the building. The 2015 event was sell out as it is every year, with over 5000 people attending.

For our talk we decided that we wanted to talk from a slightly different angle than usual and tell the story of BLUP’s few years from the start to where we are now. Within the journey we wanted to say what worked, what didnt work and experiences we have had that have defined us as a studio.

Collaboration has always been a fundamental part to how we function as a studio, involving some very gifted artists to create some mind blowing design for our clients and to express us as a company. We wanted to involve the collaboration aspect into the talk so invited AKQA designer and experienced BLUP collaborator, Samuel Mensah to share the stage for a quarter of the time we were on. This allowed us both to show how two talents can combine and produce awe inspiring not only for clients but each other to push our limits of design.

The whole three days was an amazing experience for us meeting some fabulous people and seeing some inspirational design everywhere we went.