Next week, a collection of digital gemstone artworks from a number of well-known contributors, including Ai Weiwei, Dr. Jane Goodall, Felipe Pantone, Sougwen Chung, Reggie Watts and others, will be shown by London’s W1 Curates in VOICE GEMS: 1000 YEAR ARCHIVE.

This rather large-scale artistic endeavour was started by Trung Bao and Harry Yeff (Reeps100). Instead of making sculptures in the traditional sense, a virtual museum is offered full of sculptural sound bytes made from famous people, artificial intelligence (AI)-generated sounds, extinct languages, and even the voices of critically endangered species.

Wall-to-wall LED screens are mapped across the 4,300 square foot area, displaying colourful gemstones. One of these screens displays a new lab-grown piece of art called The Everlasting Memory, which was created in collaboration with English football legend Sir Geoff Hurst, the first player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. Sir Geoff Hurst recalls the event through a personal recording.

Reeps100 stated how VOICE GEMS is a technology-driven project that offers a fresh type of digital and spiritual ceremony, with the human voice at its foundation.

“The gems we have created contain messages of love, death, hope and legacy. People desire a new way to define these themes and preserve memories, and we are providing them with an opportunity to accomplish this.”

From September 8 to September 26, VOICE GEMS: 1000 YEAR ARCHIVE will be on display in London.

Photos Courtesy of W1 CREATES