Issue 7 of UNIQLO’s authoritative style magazine, which explores the narratives, images, and settings that inform its upcoming Fall/Winter 2022 collections, will be released this month.

The most recent LifeWear magazine travels to London to fill its opening fashion feature pages with some of the city’s inherently sophisticated fall looks, drawing on its “Today’s Classics” subject. With trench coats and duffel coats, it puts the creative FW22 collection on a variety of regular city dwellers.

Readers can browse pages created in collaboration with the French publication L’étiquette and Uniqlo U in addition to the content about British classics. These pages also feature an interview with designer Maiko Kurogouchi, who has announced her fourth collection with UNIQLO, and Olympic gold medalist Ayumu Hirano, who is the brand’s global ambassador.

UNIQLO LifeWear magazine Issue 07 will be distributed in stores and published on Kindle from September 2. Additionally, UNIQLO stores throughout the world, including the flagship locations in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo, will set up unique immersive exhibits exhibiting important components of the current season’s collection and magazine. Shop the new FW22 collection on UNIQLO’s website and visit the LifeWear Magazine website for more information.

Photos Courtesy of Uniqlo