As summer comes to an end, fashion month begins. Models, designers, bloggers, essentially anyone who’s anyone is seen moving across the world from New York, Milan and Paris, and right now the most talked about fashion event has dropped in London. But unless you live in a cave far, far away from any social media then you would already know this as it takes over our feeds every minute of the day. So, we’ve come up with a few must-have trends for all us unlucky enough to not be attending Fashion Week.

Animal Prints- leopard, snakeskin, zebra.. you name the animal, there’s a print of it. And don’t be scared to mix and match, if it clashes it matches!

Colour and Patterns- not only has animal print taken over fashion like the jungle, all forms of bold clothing have. It’s like a crayola box has spilled and everyone’s been left in rainbow colours and patterns.

Oversized- A look that goes with the thinking ‘it fits me so I should take it three sizes bigger’. We’ve seen oversized suits, shirts, tees and trousers this week.

Trainers- say goodbye to achey feet in heels and hello to the super comfy and stylish flat. Supermodels take the look of ‘i have fashion week at 6, but gym at 7’ to a next level.

Velvet and Cord- it’s like we’ve taken a step back to the 70’s but we love it.