Gone is the month of May with all its rain and wind, and finally we’ve been blessed with sunshine in June. With many of us now getting out the summer wardrobe and BBQ’s, you can get your swimsuits on and head to London’s “Sky Pool”.

Located in Nine Elms at 115 feet in the air, Londoner’s can head to the sky to cool off in the floating swimming pool. Considered the world’s first “sky pool”, it has been in the making since 2013 when plans were first drafted up. Materials were then created and shipped over from Colorado and now sit between the 10th floors of two luxury tower blocks that neighbour the U.S. embassy. The 25-meter-long pool can hold 400 tonnes of water, however you will be up close and personal with other swimmers as it’s only 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep.

Unsurprisingly, flat prices in the buildings have increased. A two-bed apartment starts at £600k, but many more exceed £1 million.   

[Image Source: nineelmslondon.com]