With his latest NFT collection, contemporary artist Daniel Arsham returns to the digital realm.

Arsham is distributing his NFTs on Nifty Gateway for the first time, marking the first time created CXIP coins have appeared on the site. Arsham is releasing three NFTs as part of his Eroding and Reforming Digital Car series of digital sculptures, which extend Arsham’s conversation about decaying and fossilising modern items. Each NFT will go through its erosion cycle, which is dependent on a specific race time, after which the digital component will reform the allocated time.

The artist’s aesthetic perspective of how a 930 Safari Sculpture is likely to deteriorate over time is depicted in the first one issued. Only 150 pieces will be produced, and winners will be chosen after the first 30 minutes of the NFT’s release. Every 9 hours and 13 minutes, the 930 Turbo Safari is projected to finish its erosion cycle. After then, the release reopens to the public for others to enter for a chance to win the piece. Only 200 copies of the second work are available. Fans must, however, already have one of his prior NFTs in their Nifty Gateway wallet to gain access. The third NFT is still a mystery.

The world’s largest coalition of NFT creators is likely to join CXIP DAO. CXIP’s advisory council includes artists such as Daniel Arsham, the company’s chief brand officer, as well as Pharrell Williams, Jen Stark, Chad Knight, and Justin Aversano. Nifty Gateway will begin listing Daniel Arsham’s NFTs on December 22 at 7 p.m. EST.