The Anthénea is a floating luxury hotel suite where travellers can have real and unexpected experiences within the eco-luxury pod, by exploring island and terrestrial possibilities – made created entirely in France.

Anthenea provides a magical living environment and allows you to experience timeless moments in complete harmony with Nature, opens a portal onto the underwater world. Anthenea enhances the surroundings so that visitors have a remarkable sense of freedom.

Solar panels, two electric propulsion pods, a silent electric motor, and the use of sustainable materials are all included in this eco-friendly ship’s design. A day room with a sofa and minibar, a roof solarium with seating for up to 12 people, a 360-degree panoramic vision viewing area, and a night space with a circular bed and a bathtub are among the features of this supposed floating hotel suite.

The Anthénea, a sumptuous interpretation of the idea inspired by the floating pod from the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me, was created by Jacques-Antoine Cesbron, Jean-Michel Ducancelle, and Yannick Littoux.

The Anthénea’s price can range from $365,000 USD for the smallest premium pod (9.4 metres in diameter) to $730,000 USD for the largest premium pod, depending on the buildout.

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