Screw-bar is a south Korean technology based in Seoul Korea. With Nostalgia being the theme behind the biggest social media camera applications ‘Instagram’ being the most notable example of how creating app’s that have references to our past can gain traction, very quickly. The app taking clear reference from the historic camera company ‘Kodak’ and their line of disposable cameras. The app is set up to work just like a disposable camera would; There is a view finder, with a fake film roll of 24 shots that can be used every 12 hours. As well the processing time of each image, is three days and you are not able to review the images until that time. To add to the nostalgia, the filters that are taken are given a filter to make them look like an actual disposable camera was used to take the images.


The Gudak app is now available in the app store $0.99 USD.


Photo Credit: PetaPixels