At the end of January, Fredo took to Twitter to announce the imminent release of his new album, Money Can’t Buy Happiness. The West London rapper has been in the charts featuring on tracks such as “So High” with Mist, “Ay Carumba” with Young T and Bugsey, and “Funky Friday” with Dave which reached Number One.

On Friday he dropped his second studio album, which was hyped by many rappers on Instagram, particularly Dave. Dave was given executive producer role, and it’s possibly due to his touch that this album has a confessional tone to it. The pair come together on “Money Talks”, you can watch them do their thing in front of stacks of money in the visuals below.

The album begins with “Biggest Mistake” which sets the emotive tone for Fredo’s album. This and “Aunt’s Place” focus on the complexities of family relationships as he takes a look back at his childhood growing up on an estate, missing out on education and being in and out of prison.

“Blood In My Eyes” is the most notably confessional as it includes a piano base and religious humming, and this emotion is most noted when the rapper mentions his daughter. The whole album gives us insight to a softer side of Fredo, from his experiences of street life to prion life to losing a loved one.

“Ready” is an ode to “Ready or Not” by the Fugees and features the only female on the album, Summer Walker. Fredo has kept the collaborations minimal with only Summer Walker, Dave, Pop Smoke and Young Adz joining Fredo allowing them to complement and not complicate the album.

Which song is your favourite?

[Image source: YouTube]