After a 15-year break, A$AP Ferg’s luxury belt brand ‘wants people to cherish their belts like art pieces.’

Besides being a well known and respected rapper, A$AP Ferg is also the founder of a luxury belt brand Devoni. Dedicated to creating the finest leather belts that are inspired by his father’s work in fashion and design, and later this week the label is set to relaunch online and exclusively in-store at Stavros Karelis‘ Machine-A.

For Ferg, Devoni’s belts are not just belts. “We want people to cherish their belts like art pieces. These are works of art,” he says. With that in mind, each belt is made using the best techniques and materials such as 100% Italian leather — in the case of the “Red Monster” iteration — as well as vegan leather for the “Bettas” belt.

Hardware is made from gold or nickel, and each belt is hand-made in New York City. Lastly, a portion of the proceeds from all Devoni sales goes directly to charitable organisations in Ferg’s hometown of Harlem.

As mentioned, Devoni will launch on the brand’s site on November 12, and in-store at Machine-A on November 13.