Y2K? Gen Z? Millennials? These are all terms associated with the shopping app that you should get familiar with as it’s here to stay.  On the rare chance that you’ve never heard of Depop, the app is a platform for the selling and buying of clothing by its 10 millions users globally. Essentially, it offers a new from of online shopping for the social media generation.

Whilst Jane Norman bootleg trousers, Burberry bucket hats or Hello Kitty boob tubes might be something you thought and want to stay in the past, you’re mistaken as these are the wavy garms Depop’s community thrives on. But why Depop and not Asos Marketplace, Ebay, charity shops, or your mum’s wardrobe? Founded in 2011 the London based app targets an Instagram-style functionality of swiping across pictures of clothes and double-clicking to like- and this is exactly what millennials want. Depop doesn’t conform to trends but instead accommodates to different styles. These 00’s babies have grown up in a culture that wants big, unique pieces but they don’t have the budget for this. Depop offers a bridge between the garment and buyer to provide a price that suits a pocket money budget.

So get yourself on this up coming app as soon you’ll accidentally find yourself following the Y2K trends you thought had been left behind. Like they say, what goes around comes around!