Microsoft has introduced an all-new virtual museum showcasing the history of the consoles as well as individual gamers’ personal experiences with the gaming company’s various titles as part of Xbox’s continuing 20th-anniversary celebration.


Users will be able to explore the digital museum, where they can observe other Xbox gamers engaging with many virtual exhibits that chart the advancements of the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the current Xbox Series X / S consoles. At each touchstone, the firm has added a video that relates to the specific milestone.

While the museum largely celebrates the company’s numerous accomplishments, there are also displays dedicated to Xbox’s iconic blunders, such as the Xbox 360’s red ring of death and Microsoft’s failed effort to purchase Nintendo in 2000.

In the museum’s personal wing, gamers may look back at the games they first played on the system, the total amount of games they’ve played, and when they first joined up for Xbox Live.

The museum houses 132 key events throughout Xbox’s history, each with its own link to further information and specialised media. Users can also post the URL to their own personal display on additional platforms outside of the museum.

Click here to visit the Xbox Museum.