This first-generation Pokémon games item was a million Pokémon dollars bicycle, making it the perfect item to celebrate hitting a million Twitter followers.⁠

In-game, players are never able to buy this bicycle, because its million-dollar price tag means it’s one dollar more than what the game actually allows you to earn. However, get your hands on a Bike Voucher, and it’s yours—except, now, someone is going to get this bicycle in real life.

Given the special occasion and special bicycle, it comes as no surprise that the bicycle is finished with delightful Pokémon details. Its green and yellow theme is enhanced with a PokéBall wheel tread, etchings of iconic companions Pikachu, Snorlax, Charmander, Squirtle, and Eevee between the spokes, and handles branded with PokéBalls. And it even plays the iconic Pokémon Blue/Red bicycle theme jingle.

Unfortunately, there will only be one made, and it will be given away to a fan in Japan who follows the Poké Times account and uses the “Pokémon’s million-yen bicycle” hashtag.

The bike isn’t actually rideable, as it is a work of art rather that a form of transport. It is held in place by a dual kickstand and also doesn’t have a bicycle chain.