The establishment of Gucci’s first standalone luggage store in Paris has been formally announced, selling the whole Gucci Valigeria line.

Gucci’s new Parisian store, which has two stories, was inspired by rail travel in the Belle Epoque. Vintage lighting fixtures, window displays that mimic luggage trolleys, and canvas surfaces in muted colors all provide sophistication to the area while bringing out the dark walnut furnishings’ contrast. The welcome desk on the ground floor is actually a cash register, giving the area the appearance of a posh train station. You may purchase necessities on the trip here, including eye masks, pajamas, beauty items, and Fido’s pet accessories. You can also find exotic-skin variations of Gucci’s weekender duffel and one-of-a-kind trunks on the bottom floor.

The design of the floor above includes details that pay homage to vintage train racks, such as brass shelving. In contrast, the ceiling is designed to resemble the arched roofs of ancient carriages. Its pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by soft chairs and tartan-patterned loom-woven carpets. The entirety of Gucci’s travel collection, which includes totes, backpacks, garment bags, hat cases, and suitcases, is dispersed across both levels.

According to Bizzari, there are plans for additional Gucci Valigeria stores to open in other renowned city destinations so we can stay tuned.