It’s no surprise given the social distancing restrictions this year that brands and marketers are increasingly turning to user generated content. As well as convenience during these contact-free times, UGC creates an authentic review of a brand. The use of real people to highlight a product’s benefits, without the shininess of over-editing and fine-tuned videos, makes for more honest brand communication.

Building a true connection with your audience means being able to both capture and empathise with your audience’s lifestyle, frustrations, needs and desires.

One way to achieve this is to put your customers and your staff a the heart of your campaign message, to create relatable content that reflects the times in which we are living.

So in partnership with Coty UK, both the e-Comm team at Coty and members from BLUP braved the camera to produce a covid-safe contact-free piece of UGC content for Lancaster tanning.

The results speak for themselves. Just look at that glow…because a tan is not just for summer!