Durag Dev, the creator of the famous “Gucci Durag,” which garnered him much attention in the streetwear and high fashion space from celebrities such as Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky, has returned to Los Angeles. Since Durag Dev began designing merchandise for artists such as Ski Mask the Slump God and XXXTentacion, he was naturally inspired to create a clothing print based on his tattoos. But his big break came when Billie Eilish noticed his work and commissioned him for more designs, including an orange hoodie with black patterning and a neon green crewneck sweatshirt. Durag Dev now specialises in uniform outfits because of Eilish.

LVXWA first appeared during Durag Dev’s first trip to Japan in 2011, where he was inspired by the Japanese unique, expressive fashion culture as well as the Japanese people’s appreciation for his style and tattoos. He’d make twenty-two more trips to Japan by 2018, hosting successful pop-up shop after successful pop-up shop. Durag Dev’s love of anime and Japanese culture inspired him to create pieces with a more “galactic punk” vibe, combining the edgier aspects of Japanese fashion and universal space energy to create luxury, high-end streetwear.

Dev, like the Gucci Durags, has a natural proclivity for bringing disparate concepts together. The designer, who is fluent in Japanese, combined the words “luxury” and “wa,” which means “I am.” The title is also a double entendre, as “lux” is an English word that means “light.” The catchphrases that define LVXWA are “I am light,” “I am luxury,” and “this is luxury.” With this in mind, the LVXWA debut collection will include t-shirts, hoodies, knit sweaters, and sweatpants in a variety of styles. The draping uniform designs feature classic black/white and black/red colour schemes. These energy-inspired designs and colours, made from premium materials, reflect a punk rock, wanton attitude. For Valentine’s Day, LVXWA will also release a limited-edition pink knit sweater.

The LVXWA debut collection will be available on the brand’s website on February 5th. Milly Rock Group, the parent company of LVXWA, empowers creatives all over the world.